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The strange idea of books on commission…

Each person has different characteristics, each person has different capacities, but each person has brilliant ideas or interesting lives. This is the basic concept of my idea to write “books on commission.”
It is certainly not an original and unique in history, in fact, the writing of books to order it, more or less, the same age as the writing itself. And, as in the days of patron, I liked the idea of following in the footsteps of the ancient authors who wrote for transmitting the memory to posterity.
Because each of us has a story to tell, everyone has something they want that will not be forgotten.

New technologies, of course, help us and facilitate this. Via e-mail ( you can have the first contacts and decide together the best way to immortalize our history. Together will determine which should be the best form of the book that we want to create, what should be the images that will accompany him and what should be the most suitable form of writing. Because every book, as each story is unique.

Of course, all work must be done in total agreement. For this, again thanks to the many possibilities that new technologies provide us with, since the first draft prepared all material will be submitted to the client. Only at the end of the work and after “ok” final, will be sent to the printer and will be shipped directly to the customer. In this way there is no requirement of number of copies, because you can choose to print only one to give to that special someone, or make multiple copies to be distributed on special occasions or to give to close friends.

I always liked to think of a book as a magical world in which to escape, but also as a travel companion, an ally in the upbringing and education of our children.
I like to think that not only identify with the characters of the famous pages we read, we can be ourselves the protagonists.
I like to think of being able to create books that talk about us, books that tell our children and our children’s children, who we were. Because to be protagonists of a story do not need to do heroic things, the real hero is someone who lives life.


Francesca PernaFrancesca Perna was born in Florence on 14 February 1976.

She started early her career as a journalist and awards and achievements have not been slow in coming. She gained experience in the print media but also as director of radio and television stations.

Her passion for communication led her also to follow the prestigious press offices and devote herself to political communication for important exponents of Italian social life. Her communication skills were noted at an international level, so that, after her appointment as an Army Officer with the rank of Lieutenant in the reserve selected by the professional journalist has also collaborated with NATO as an expert in communication.

Believing in the importance of communication at all levels, Francesca, has also made her contribution in the course of two military missions that led she to stay in Afghanistan for several months working for the ISAF Regional Command West in Afghanistan in 2008 and in 2010.
But the passion for journalism has not appeased her desire to write. While she worked like ghost writer, Francesca, has published also two books using her name. The first, “Angeli di frontiera”, to remember the dear brother disappeared after the mission in Iraq, the second “Single? Sì, grazie” as a tribute to the friendship and freedom.

I miei libri

Writing a book is not easy, you have to have imagination and writing skills. Propose to make books on commission can be seen pretentious because the genres of writing are varied and very different. Francesca Perna has the ability to adapt her way of writing to the subject of the book. Her two books are an example. The first is very serious, profound and is also painful, the second is ironic and light-hearted, enjoyable reading and unpretentious.

Angeli di frontieraAngeli di Frontiera
ISBN: 9788888789668

Letters and memories from Iraq, lived life of a boy who had devoted his life to his country and to Peace. In a Country like Italy that seems more and more inclined to deal with excessive seriousness of the things that is not worth to deal with, and often neglects the great human values, can teach us something. These pages do not just remember a man,

a brother, but they help us to know a world. Foreword by Domenico Villani. Afterword by Henry Nistri.


Single? Sì, grazie

Single? Sì, grazie
ISBN 10: 8862115180 / ISBN 13: 9788862115186

The female universe is very complex, is in a precarious balance that a man can upset even with an invitation to dinner. Despite this, in the magical world of women, there is one thing that nothing can upset: friendship.

This book talks about this, talks about a friendship between two girls, a friendship that lasts a lifetime and resists to the “intrusion” of men. A friendship that is protected almost as if it was a love affair that could not endure the betrayal but, in the end, exceeds even that. The heroine and Julia are two friends in their thirties who live alone, they have a good job and some men buzzing around them. And then there are love affairs, betrayals, surprises.

The all faced with the irony of a woman who passed the thirty and that thinks she has seen all, but in reality she realizes that life has yet to provide many more surprises. And eventually, after many vicissitudes, escapes and returns, these two thirty understand that if there is a beautiful friendship, being single is not so bad …



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